Easy Twitter Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses In 2022

Easy Twitter Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses In 2022

If you are running a small business, you might not have the budget or time to invest in high-cost marketing strategies to achieve your business objectives. You need to focus on low-cost marketing solutions to introduce your small business to people even without advanced marketing expertise.

Twitter is the 5th most popular marketing tool in social media marketing. According to Twitter’s solid Q4 reports, its daily user base grew 13% to reach 217 million. With these numbers, Twitter becomes one of the best channels on social media to build trustworthy relationships with followers. Easy Twitter marketing ideas open a gateway to encourage two-way communication between the marketers and the existing as well as future customers.

Why Twitter?

Twitter …

…is free.

…allows small business owners to promote their business in seconds.

…expands your reach to the audience.

…allows you to provide instant customer support and services.

…allows you to communicate with your followers.

…share the latest updates about your company.

Twitter is an educational platform where people can build or destroy a company’s reputation. It allows people to tweet about you, your firm, and your business. So, it is important to log in to Twitter regularly to check for any negative tweets to avoid the fall of your business. It is important to maintain a positive reputation.

Let’s dig this goldmine to discover new opportunities, customer insights, and a loyal fan following for your small business.


What Is Twitter Marketing Strategy?


What Is Twitter Marketing Strategy?

Twitter marketing is a plan to create, publish and distribute your content to your followers through a social media channel. The main objectives of this type of marketing strategy are to drive more traffic, generate more leads, boost conversions, enhance brand recognition and expand sales to grow your small business.

A winning Twitter marketing tip is to craft your content beautifully. An attractive content might just hit the bull’s eye and go viral!


Why Use Twitter Marketing Strategy?

Twitter is an engagement goldmine. It is just like a business owner sitting in the mine not knowing where the gold is. You need to dig deep to find something golden. Twitter allows you to dig deep to find your audiences, polish your business strategies and shine like a superstar business.

According to statistics, Twitter has around 336 million monthly active users. Such phenomenal numbers had led many small-scale businesses to incorporate Twitter marketing into their plan. The chief financial officer of Twitter says the main goal of Twitter marketing is to double the revenues.

Twitter marketing can help a small business to fulfill social media marketing requirements in four ways:

1. Strengthens the Brand – A good brand value, no matter big or small is vital for a company to shine through. It is very important to have a recognizable voice and crystal-clear company values. If you share good information and the latest company updates through your tweets consistently, people will start to recognize you, your brand name, your company name, and your industry, thus creating a reputable business in the market.

2. Establish Stronger Relationships – Developing and maintaining good relationships with your customers is imperative. This strategy will allow you to get more coverage on social media and expand professional relationships with your followers. The best part about using Twitter from the user’s point of view is how fast the big brands like Reebok, Nike, or Business models like IRCTC responds to your queries or even complaints and provide services. This is proof that even big companies consider Twitter a boon in social media.

3. Improves Organic Search Engine Rankings – Twitter helps you to grow your followers or customers organically. It acts as a search engine medium that allows users to do sufficient research about different businesses, their products, and services. Tweets that link to your blog posts can generate inbound hits, which helps you to rank your site higher by Google.

4. Monitors your profile –Twitter is also a great source of news media. It helps you to monitor unfavorable customer reviews, testimonials, and even complaints on social media. There is no other way to find out whether the consumer is happy about your services or not. It allows small business owners to check in, learn about the issues faced by customers and fix them on an urgent basis.

Now that you have sorted, keep reading to discover the secrets used by expertise to grow a small-scale business on Twitter.


What Are The Twitter Marketing Ideas Used For Small Businesses?

Exposing your local business to a powerful social networking site such as Twitter, can boost growth and build a business. With the best Twitter marketing strategies, you can bring users to your website and convert them into potential leads.

Following are the best Twitter marketing practices to grow small businesses

  • Identify your objectives
  • Customize your profile
  • Include relevant hashtags
  • Run polls and surveys 
  • Use the right call-to-action button (CTA button)
  • Create Twitter list
  • Create Twitter moments
  • Curate Content
  • Schedule your posts
  • Evaluate your performance


1. Identify your objectives:

One way to find out if your Twitter marketing strategy is working fine or not is to set ambitious goals. Identify your goals.

Identify your objectives

For example, do you want to drive users? Or maybe you have a strong user base and want to boost sales.

Whatever is it, note down your goals and identify meaningful metrics by using Twitter analytics to track what is working for your business. These metrics include

  • Engagements – likes, views, comments, and retweets
  • @Mentions – How many followers mentioned you or your company name in their tweets
  • Impressions – How many people watched your video or saw your tweet

2. Customize your profile: 

Optimize your Twitter profile to provide better visibility.

Customize your profile

Create an interesting Twitter handle by following these tips.

Keep it simple – Choose a perfect username for your Twitter handle so that it can be found easily by your audiences. It is the first impression on social media. Companies can simply use their name as a Username. For example, our username is “ecsioninc”

Mention the issues you solve in the bio section – Use the format:

“We help (your demographics) get (the issues that you solve) by (a method used for solving the issue).”  For example, “We help businesses to get more leads by paid ads”

A compelling author bio can attract prospective customers and compel them to contact you for your services.

3. Include Hashtags:

Find out relevant hashtags and use them in your tweets to get better visibility on social media platforms. When people search for business-specific topics or conversations they use hashtags in the search engine to reach relevant topics.

Hashtags can help you increase engagement. Even non-followers may land on your page by using hashtags. 

4. Run polls and surveys:

Features like surveys and polls help brands to converse with their followers. You can encourage users to join the conversations and learn about their priorities and concerns. For example, ask them playful industry-specific poll questions, find out their preferences and finally improve your marketing content. You can also run surveys on your Twitter handle and learn from your followers to help refine your business.

5. Use the right call-to-action button:

The use of relevant Call-to-action buttons in your tweets can help you get more visits to your website. Compel your audience to share your content, visit your website, and use a coupon from your landing page. The basic purpose of CTAs is to reach your marketing objectives. For example, if your social media audit shows low sign-ups, use CTAs to compel the audience to subscribe.

6. Create a Twitter list:

What is a Twitter list? For those who don’t know, this is one of the most important features on Twitter. It helps you to create a list of curated groups of accounts.  For example, your home page shows you all kinds of stuff from different people you follow, but that is like out of control. Creating Twitter lists can help you add relevant people to that list.

7. Create a Twitter moment:

The Twitter moment is an extended format where people find a dynamic way to tell their stories. It is a powerful feature that marketers can take advantage of in their business. It is a group of collected tweets that are collected under a Twitter moment name. The good part of this feature is that anyone on Twitter can see your moments even if they don’t follow you or you don’t follow them.

8. Curate Content:

Don’t just rely on your own content. Share content from different sources that are performing well and retweet helpful articles on your Twitter account. It helps you diversify your posts and better connect with your audience.

   NOTEPublish only the third-party content that matters to your audience

9. Schedule your posts:

Schedule your tweets when your followers are most active. The scheduling feature can help you save time and reach your audiences at peak hours even when you are not around.

Schedule your posts

For example, you are a company headquartered in India but have customers from around the world. You might want to schedule specific tweets/posts for the audiences of America. Scheduling tweets allows you to post during peak hours.

10. Evaluate your performance:

Use different platforms to get an insight into your best and worst-performing tweets. This allows you to evaluate what your audiences are looking for. It helps you to refine your content and discover which strategy is performing well in your Twitter marketing campaigns.



Don’t waste your marketing budget. Implement the best Twitter marketing practices to achieve long-term business goals. Keep it real, and resonating for your followers to show the best of your brand.

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