Ecsion provides you a perfect solution for your short term resourcing needs.
Ecsion does not force you to have long term staffing commitments.

  • Ecsion standard terms is a short 12 weeks.
  • Shorter engagement terms of 4 to 11 weeks are available.
  • Very short term engagements are also available (Perfect when you need a resource for a few days to a few weeks)

Ecsion enables your company’s growth and manage business cycle fluctuations better.

  • Sourcing thru Ecsion helps you manage your fixed costs. Ecsion will fill the staffing gap at fraction of the cost compared to traditional outsourcing vendors.
  • A balance of Ecsion On-Shore and Off-Shore outsourcing solution could be just right for you. Let us show you how we can accelerate your growth without increasing your fixed costs.

Ecsion has developed a proprietary project collaboration (EPC Portal) that is available to manage requirements, acceptance criteria, test results, schedule and commitments , deliverables as well as issues and risk mitigation plans.

  • The Portal is designed specifically with off shore outsourcing in mind. Clarity in requirements and other project artifacts leads to team alignment and on time deliverables.
  • Project management reports provide instant and accurate status of the project. Visual reports make it easy to assess project progress and monitor issues and risks.
  • Management Dashboard provides a easy way to monitor progress of all engagements from one dashboard. Management Dashboard is secured and only available to authorized users.
  • All signed contract documents, agreements, invoices and payment records are available to authorized users.
  • There is no cost for use of the EPC Portal.

Ecsion values your business and total customer satisfaction.

  • You will have access to Client Partner who will ensure the client is 100% satisfied.
  • If you are not satisfied, we will make it right for you. Please see our iron-clad guarantee.
  • Our project manager are trained to keep expectation in synch with the project. They will actively manage issues and risks and work closely with the client manager in developing issue resolutions and risk mitigation plans.
  • If you have a specific or special need, please talk to your Client Partner. The client partner is empowered to make exceptions and keep you a long term delighted customer.

We developed integrated solution tailored to clients’
unique business needs.