Life Sciences, Healthcare and Pharma

The Life-sciences and Pharmaceutical industry is in middle of a difficult transition. The rising cost of healthcare, greater scrutiny of the regulators and the upcoming federal changes to healthcare requires a new approach.
Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals Industry Challenges
  • Ensuring a robust pipeline by investing in R&D, partnering and M&A.
  • Keeping up with changing global regulatory regimen.
  • Finding opportunities for reducing cost of operations thru process optimization and technology innovation.
  • Attracting and retaining the best talent and keeping them focused during significant transition and restructuring.

Possible solutions are:
  • Review, analysis and adjustment of mission, vision and long term strategy.
  • Restructuring and disposal of businesses that don’t fit the new strategy.
  • Intense focus on reducing cost. Leveraging outsourcing/off shoring of non-core activities. Balance the blend of onshore and offshore resources to get more done for less.
  • Leverging information technology to increase productivity and reduce operational and support costs. Greater use of data analytics in product development and marketing decisions.
  • Strengthen customer relationships.

Ecsion can help.
We will work with you to perform a need assessment, gap analysis and solution design. We will propose effective solutions that address your business challenges and measured thru key performance indicators.