Energy & Utilities

Challenges facing Energy and Utilities industry:
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory & reporting requirements.
  • Continuous Improvement of performance & operational effectiveness.
  • Managing mergers and acquisitions.
  • Managing financial risks during economic up and down periods.
  • Managing geopolitical risk in the global portfolio.
  • Recruiting & retaining a skilled workforce.
  • Managing replacement reserves in challenging locations.
  • Diversifying product mix to remain competitive as a response to non-traditional competitors and alternative fuels.
  • Working effectively with foreign governments, local communities and joint venture and alliance partners.
  • Access to capital in a very tight financial market to support mega- projects.

Ecsion can help.
We will work with you to perform a need assessment, gap analysis and solution design. We will propose effective solutions that address your business challenges and measured thru key performance indicators.
On Turn Key Engagements, Ecsion manages the complete project from analysis to deployment and realization, support.
For client managed projects, experts with specific technology expertise are available to meet your needs.
Ecsion will help you succeed in a competitive and changing marketplace.